Still Access Bakery, Santa’s Sleigh, & Rockhopper’s Ship

The Holiday Party might be over, but did you know that it is still possible to access some of the party rooms in addition to Rockhopper’s ship? When you use any of the following links your penguin will start off in that room. You can’t get any of the items though, but for Rockhopper’s Ship you can still play Treasure Hunt.

To start off/go to the Bakery, use this link:

To start off/go to Santa’s Sled, use this link: (members only)

To start off/go to Rockhopper’s ship, use this link:

Enjoy! If you do this and it takes you the Town or another regular starting room, it’s been most likely patched, so have fun with it while it lasts! If you change the number in the URL to “851” it’ll take you to the special Ninja Dojo from the Card-Jitsu Party last month. You can still get the items from that room, too!

28 thoughts on “Still Access Bakery, Santa’s Sleigh, & Rockhopper’s Ship

  1. dude i tried it for the ninja HQ (a few weeks ago) and i was able to get the items cause i was a member. U said we couldnt get the items?

    P.s the winners will DEFINITELY be posted today, right?

  2. yeah my member ship expired at ninja party :( but got a year one for christmas so i used this to get my training plates :) thnx man!

  3. I found a glitch! (I don’t know if it’s just me, though) I was logging on, and you know how you save your penguin to your computer? Well, all of my penguins turned black. I think it’s pretty strange, but they must be updating or something…

  4. During the Holiday Party 2011 in December, after I did Santa’s Sleigh, the whole Dance Lounge turned with with no games or furniture in there! Was this a glitch? CP should have fixed this because I wanted to play Santa’s Sleigh again that time!

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