Sensei Sleepwalking Card-Jitsu Short

Yesterday I posted Club Penguin’s quick animated short titled “What Happens When You Mix Coffee And Card-Jitsu?“. As pointed out to me by¬†Ghostcp556, there is another one on Disney’s website! It has also been uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel. This video is much longer than the previous Card-Jitsu one and even features Sensei and the other penguins talking. You can watch it below.

Interesting video! I wonder when we’ll see another animated short from Disney that has to do with Club Penguin? It seems like the different cartoons are becoming more and more frequent.

7 thoughts on “Sensei Sleepwalking Card-Jitsu Short

  1. i heard club penguin plans on expanding these to five to even sven minute cartoon short episodes that will air on disney channel everyday along with an upcoming club penguin movie I HOPE THIS RUMOR IS TRUE

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