Club Penguin December 2011 Parent Update Newsletter

Club Penguin has started to email their December 2011 Parent Update! In fact, I’ve already received mine. It looks like my exclusives were wrong (aside from the header) but you still get the point. It talks about the Disney Parent App which was first released in early this year and available to the public in late August. It also talks about Coins For Change and the global community, giving some quick testimonials. You can read the full newsletter below:

Update: For whatever reason, Club Penguin is also sending out a variant of the email. Instead of talking about the Parent App it talks about the different presents at the Forest during the Holiday Party. (Special thanks to Calicho for this)

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin December 2011 Parent Update Newsletter

  1. Ok, you outsmarted me! But now I’ll tell you one of my best links will take you to the extra fair room and you can play 2 games yet don’t earn any tickets! BUT be quick this room will be gone when the holiday party starts as it will be Santa’s sled. So this is the link for penguins to play fair games and non-members to get to the sleigh. Now please credit me :)

  2. hey train it doesn’t mater if u were wrong, you were just trying to get us as much info as u could and i appreciate you for doing that. keep up the good work. -Mattie599

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