Club Penguin Sensei Tracker 2011

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Sensei has arrived on Club Penguin! If you are lucky enough to meet him you’ll unlock his stamp. He is the one who trains ninjas. If you open up his playercard you’ll also be able to add him to your buddy list and get his background.

Here is Sensei’s current location:

Tips on finding Sensei on your own

Sensei is usually found in crowded servers, but can and will visit more quiet ones. He is mainly at any of the Ninja or Dojo Rooms. Good luck!

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Sensei Tracker

Don’t believe me he is on?

48 thoughts on “Club Penguin Sensei Tracker 2011

  1. cool. i guess i’m never on ur website when u find him cause the tracker always says “curently tracking sensei”.
    well ill have to keep tracking. *sigh* during the party today, after we play the ninja games for a while how about we track him?

  2. train i was so close to meeting him! people had the bg and peeps were yelling sensi and the tracker u told me ABOUT SAID HE WAS THERE! DARN!

  3. Thanks for the party Train, it was really fun. I had a good time. Thanks for playing me. You have some awesome cards :)

  4. thx for the awesome party train!!!!! ur really good at regular ninja!! i faced u in fire, and regular ninja and u won both times!!!

  5. NOW how many times have u found sensei?
    Me: A BIG, FAT, ZERO!
    You: Probobly like 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times!
    ok sereusly, how many times have u found him during the party?

  6. Hey Trainman! You know the link to get to the Halloween Party! It has been updated! The new link is it will take you to the haunted house. The secret lab is no longer available anymore INSTEAD waddle out of the haunted house and you will be at the Ninja HQ! This feature only works for members as non-members will get the membership message. Post this on your blog AFTER the party has ended as the link will still work! Sorry if this comment was very long and might of caused spam! :)

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