Ninja Activity Update From Gary

All the Elite Penguin Force agents have received a new message from Gary on their spy phones. He simply let us know that we should not be alarmed by the increase in ninja activity.

Here’s what he had to say:

Ninja activity has increased all over the island. If you see any unusual fire or water activity, do not be alarmed. The situation is under control.

11 thoughts on “Ninja Activity Update From Gary

  1. I mean…the newest Field-Ops have been, well, filler at best. You could argue the older ones were filler as well, but at least they had something going on the island. We were all curious as to who was sabotaging the island. I understand they are taking a bit of a break since Herbert is in hibernation, but they could at least bring Protobot back (who seems to have disappeared from the island after Herbert double-crossed him).

    But this brings me to my next question: Where on earth is Protobot? He was never destroyed, he said he was going to find a new engineer after Herbert double-crossed him. So either:

    A. He fled the island.

    B. He is still on the island in hiding, but he’s focusing to rebuild himself with heavy weapons.

    C. He caught one of Club Penguin’s bugs and was destroyed from the infection.

    But seriously…I hope the EPF doesn’t go down the same road as PSA did. :/

  2. i think that this epf stuff is just plain weird.
    cp has to do something about it.
    and all thew field ops are for nothing but pratice.
    its all leading to nothing!
    I agree with u sadas, they need to bring protobot back in. he just randomly disapered.
    or maybe klutzy trying to free herbert.

  3. Dude but the PSA made good missions to although they were not often. But i do agree that something has to happen.
    I always had in the corner of my mind that klutzy were to save herbert and rescue him from us(penguins), and something has to be happening with protobot.
    All we can do is wait and find out

    Nutellastar out.


  4. What I meant by that was, the EPF was very suspiciously going down the road of how PSA went – by not being updated for over a year (and when the new mission was released, the agency went….well, boom). Now, the EPF has been getting new Field-Ops, but none of them are really going anywhere in the story. And for all we know, Operation: Black Out could be the end of the EPF…Just speculation though.

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