Lane’s Video Blog: Art Challenge

Club Penguin has uploaded a video to their YouTube Channel. It’s Lane Merrifield (Billybob) talking about the Coats For Kids event they are holding. Billybob along with Captain Rockhopper will be in Times Square on December 2nd during ABC’s event. I will be recording this event (in Standard Definition, not High Definition) and uploading it to YouTube so you can see if your penguin drawing was featured, or if you are just curious what went on. Here is Billybob’s video blog – did you notice he goes from no coat to coat to no coat to coat?

Jessika, who many of us have seen before, also made a video showing how to draw a penguin.

Get drawing! ;)

14 thoughts on “Lane’s Video Blog: Art Challenge

  1. So it IS being aired on ABC. COOL!
    Yeah I wish I could just go to new york but its to far away. I would get a green viking helment code too.
    do you have the helment?

  2. Hi Trainman1405! COOL Post! :D You are doing really well on your Blog; quick question! Are you following @Jessikavon on Twitter? That’s Jessika’s Twitter Account! Not fake! ;)

    From Your Friend

    • Yes I am. When I first went to your Twitter account to follow you I saw you had sent her a @ message, and then I went to her Twitter and saw it was indeed her. :)

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