Club Penguin Treasure Book Cheats (Series 14?)

Club Penguin has completely redone their treasure book! It appears as if Club Penguin got rid of the whole different series thing, and now it is only one book.

It features TONS of brand new items. Here’s one of the pages:

Here’s an example of one of the items on your penguin:

The following pages have been updated:

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Treasure Book Cheats (Series 14?)

  1. my friend told me he found a webkinz in his igloo but i checked his igloo and there was no webkinz so that was a filthy lie! then he told me it was his elephant costume and he got it from the book

  2. hello fellow ninjas

    this is a cool website but since you all have gotten to be a ninja the snow dojo is coming june 14 2012

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