Club Penguin Overhauls Toys Page!

Club Penguin has given their toy website a much needed (and amazing!) update to their toys section! It now has a fantastic design that is all up to date. From the website you can view featured toys based on sections, complete with pictures and everything.

You can also view individual items and see where you can buy them, as well as view it on the Disney Online Store.

The following page has been updated:

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Overhauls Toys Page!

      • Yes if you go under the Toys section and click on the plush penguins, certain Plushes come with exclusive items. Rockhopper comes with the coat, Klutzy comes with a Crab Costume, etc. so whatever item a plush is wearing you unlock those items along with 2 treasure book items! Check it out yourself….

  1. Also, how do you get the Party Construction Stamp?
    Every Pre-Party I drill on the Decorations but it never works, PLEASE HELP!

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