Access The Great Puffle Circus As A Nonmember On Club Penguin!

At times I’ve posted articles on how to access Rockhopper’s ship even though he’s gone, party rooms even though the decorations have been taken down, and other similar stuff along the lines of that.

But did you know nonmembers can access the Great Puffle Circus using a small cheat?

Simply use the following link to login. Your penguin will start out at the Great Puffle Circus.


Thanks Perapin and Echo006!

10 thoughts on “Access The Great Puffle Circus As A Nonmember On Club Penguin!

    • The penguin belongs to my friend’s friend’s cousin. They all have quit the game so it was passed down to me. I don’t use it much though.

  1. Can you do the same for the Herberts Lair? I tried it with 854, 855 and 860 ids but didn’t work. Help me? ALso the search engine will be ready once I send you the email. Thanks! ;)

  2. Hey Trainman1405! These are top secret links that I post on my blog. I told my friend Perapin about it too. Thanks for the credit. But this link has now been updated for the Halloween Party. Want to go back? Just use this link:
    These links change every month acsessing a new location! Please give credit and tell others to give credit to me and you. With the link, you can get to the Haunted House and the Secret Lab. There is no link that lets you get to the Dark Chamber!

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