Club Penguin Glowing Pumpkin Head REVEALED

Remember my exclusive from about a month ago that mentioned the Glowing Pumpkin Head? It looks like Club Penguin accidentally released it… unless it’s an unlockable item with a coin code? It’s similar to the other item Pumpkin Head, but I can guarantee it is different. Here is how it looks on your player card, inventory, and penguin:

Here is is “blown up”:

Thanks for telling me about this, Spookster!

28 thoughts on “Club Penguin Glowing Pumpkin Head REVEALED

  1. The yellow wheeler, Viking and pirate outfits, the tiki items, horse costume, elephant costume,
    and some other items will be in the Series 14 treasure book

  2. I think the viking and tiki outfits will be halloween costumes in the penguin style. I think the horse costume will be in penguin style too, but the yellow wheeler just sounds exclusive to me. IDK why.

  3. Guy’s you want the pumpkin head item well this is how!
    1.Download any trainer like Penguin On Fire
    2.Go on any sever
    3.Then Click buy items
    4.And type this ID 1323
    Thats all.

  4. train man i have it to i used a trainer called penguins by the way when trainers are deleted do you get banned because penguin lime is removed so please answer me if you can still get banned and is it gonna be there at the halloween party this year for free to or just unlock?

  5. I know 3 codes for October 2011 treasure book.
    Thanks! A 12 year old like me would expect ssome feedback or praise. Please send me a code or something and I could keep the conversation going.

    So ya! -random 12 year old
    On cp im Dizzpenguin. Ill usually be on abomanable? Is that the right spelling? and I am dressed up as a cow 99% of the time.

  6. do y’all have a elephant costume available for a code. I have looked every where for one and i haven’t been able to find one with a code. if u find one with a code please send me the code. Im fancystar152 on club penguin. PLEASE send me a code asap ill be a bear 98% of the time. thanks

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