Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 End Date [and other information]

While looking at a Club Penguin stamp file I came across some information about the 2011 Halloween Party, which will be on Club Penguin in about two months. The unix timestamp points towards the party’s end date which will be sometime on or around November 3, 2011. The stamps you will be able to unlock at this party include but are not limited to Monster Mash, Explorer, Happy Party Room, and Tend a Concession Stand. The Monster Mash also has some unreleased items listed. I do not know the names of these items. You can view it below, although it is hard to read.

I love the Halloween Party!

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 End Date [and other information]

  1. I think the Monster Mash stamp will be available also for the non-members because the clothing items listed there are not all for members.

  2. I have my costume for halloween its an old costume frankinstein but if there is a werewolf costume I will use it Thanks trainman I love reading this sight for information on Club Penguin.
    But I dont think there will be a werewolf costume but I hope so. I think they should make a better cool looking vampire costume seeing people are acting like vampires and werewolves at the forset mostly on Alpine. Can you give me your opinion.


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