Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011 & Herbert Theories

Operation Hibernation is going to fail. It’s as simple as that. Why? Based on everything I’ve seen between Club Penguin and their files makes it seem like it definitely will. As we learned in today’s Track Herbert System Defender Level¬†the Great Snow Race will be two things: a party the end of Operation: Hibernation. The Director talks about it at the end of the new System Defender level as well as in the newspaper.

To put Herbert in hibernation the EPF wants to blast him with cold air. That’s where the AC 3000 comes in, which is currently placed at the Ski Village.

Now, the Elite Penguin Force THINKS Operation Hibernation is going to work. But it isn’t. In a weeks time we are going to try and capture him. How do I know it’s going to fail? First off, after doing some searching in Club Penguin’s files I know he and Klutzy are going to attempt to attack again in level 7. More on that with lots of other information can be found here.

Even if Herbert attacks in System Defender again before we get to the main part in Operation Hibernation and we think he’s done we are still going to catch him. Without it, what about Operation: Black Out? If Herbert was hibernating/gone for good there would be no point in Operation: Black Out anymore, and we all know Club Penguin wouldn’t work super hard on something like this and change their minds at the last minute. We know Herbert is connected to this upcoming blackout, whenever it may be.

Finally, there is the MysteryBot. Herbert is the main bad guy on the island, and has worked with other villains like Protobot. Since he is the main guy, once he’s gone the other villains will eventually disappear soon. If they disappeared, what about MysteryBot? (Thanks¬†Arouracow and Sadas for the MysteryBot information!)

I’m sorry if this post seems confusing, but all in all what I am trying to say is Operation: Hibernation is going to fail and here’s why. If you like the theory, be sure to share it!

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011 & Herbert Theories

  1. To me the Mystery Bot Seems to be the most strongest bot in system defender because it might be considered as a enemy in the final level in system defender. Herbert may use this bot in Level 7 or Level 8. If Herbert isn’t gone yet he may try to take away the Iceberg or get another Iceberg and burn the other Iceberg so he can stay warm.

  2. Good theory you have here, and thanks for crediting me. You’re most likely right Operation: Hibernation will fail, but how does it fail? I think Klutzy might tamper with the AC machine, because look at this:

    Klutzy can be seen behind the AC machine. Also, as I said before, I think Mystery Bot might be an exclusive to The Director’s level or something (if his/her level has been moved to Level 8, that is). If not, it’d be interesting to see an actual new villain.

  3. you wrong trueman heres my theory i think operation blackout will happen right along with operation hibernation but herberts plan (operation blackout) will go completely wrong like the ac machine freezing him since klutzy messed with it letting the EPF just take him to jail anyway so we can stick him back on another ice berg and send him to the north pole or where ever is really from thus making operation hibernation a complete success and operation blackout a total bummer i dont really know where the protobot and old crab come in though maybe they team up after herbert is gone or something and try to finish operation blackout but as always evil will fail and good will win

  4. nice thery i know but this will result in the epf finding out about operation blackout cause if u look at the title screen of cp herbert is working on the lighthouse

  5. Club penguin is cool it some times give us free stuff you penguins can find all the famous penguin and tell me where they are I know you can find them good luck and dont forget to tell me where they are because I will tell you where is Rockhopper so good luck


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