Do You Remember? [Club Penguin Edition, Part 2]

After posting my “Do You Remember? [Club Penguin Edition]“, due to the success of it and that triggering other memories, I’ve decided to post a part two. This one is less pictures and more text. Anywho, here we go.

Do you remember when?

  • There was the bug to put on multiple head/body items
  • There was no Stage
  • The Iceberg & Dojo were secret
  • There was only one Dojo room with nothing in it
  • Aqua Grabber didn’t exist
  • The pool underground didn’t exist
  • Pizzatron 3000 didn’t exist
  • Jet Pack Adventure didn’t exist
  • The old Puffle playercards
  • Thin Ice didn’t exist
  • The Lighthouse wasn’t open
  • The Everyday Phoning Facility was the Sports Shop
  • The Gift Shop & Sports Shop had the same catalogs
  • Wigs didn’t exist
  • The EPF didn’t exist
  • The PSA HQ existed
  • There was a big mission or two each year that was challenging
  • There was no purple, red, yellow, white, orange, or brown Puffles
  • Penguins would log onto the game in the middle of the night to hang out
  • Rooms were hardly full
  • Penguins didn’t have a huge variety of items so many people dressed similar
  • Penguins weren’t hacked
  • Many penguins had lowercase or capital usernames
  • Rsnail posted on the Club Penguin Blog from time to time
  • Parties weren’t always the same
  • The game was not crowded
  • There was no Club Penguin video games
  • All the fun bugs
  • There was lots of game hacks
  • Cart surfer didn’t exist
  • The Recycling Room didn’t exist
  • There was no split level igloo
  • Furniture and clothing was cool & basic
  • The old design of clothing catalogs
  • Rockhopper didn’t exist
  • The Forest & Cove didn’t exist
  • Pins were very small and hard to find
  • Lots of penguins used Piczo for their website
  • Club Penguin had a nice & cozy, basic feel
  • There was no stamps
  • DJ3K & Dance Contest didn’t exist
  • The Dance Club had the old look
  • Playercards had two tabs
  • The old Club Penguin Homepage
  • Spy Phone was on your playercard
  • The old playercard dressing
  • You had to close your playercard for the new outfit to show
  • The old igloo music look
  • You needed a Jukebox or Stereo in order for igloo music to play
  • Igloos weren’t stored in inventories
  • Igloo flooring didn’t exist
  • The old server selection method
  • Old “rare” penguins were a common sight, and were not hacked
  • Split Level igloo did not exist
  • You couldn’t walk Puffles
  • The old clothing artwork for items such as Hoodies, Party Hats, and Hula Skirt
  • The Lei was in front of the Rubber Ducky
  • Parties weren’t repeated yearly unless it was something such as Halloween or Christmas
  • There wasn’t a bookshelf at the Book Room
  • Lime Green & Aqua Blue did not exist

Do you have any others to share?

Also, who remembers the bug where penguins from another room would suddenly fill up your igloo?

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