New Theme/Look On Club Penguin Memories! (Plus Music Jam Button)

Hi everyone! If you’re a regular to this website you probably noticed I have a new design! The header image is actually borrowed from my old layout on the old Piczo CP Memories, then I just built upon it. It seems like there is a small bug with the banner blending in with the background color in some browsers due to color differences…I’ll try and have that fixed. Do you like it? My good friend Pizzamaker10 made that header in 2008. :)

Also, in honor of the Club Penguin Music Jam 2011, I recreated their Applause Button! If you look in the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll see it. Roll your mouse over it, and click it! It’ll play the applause button. The only issue is if you scroll down and click it, it’ll take you back up to the top of the page. Oh well. If you want the code for it so you can place the button on your own website, check it out here. At times I’ll post stuff I’ve coded. I even made a guide on how to code the Atahualpa Theme! (The theme I currently use) Soon on that website I’ll update my 2011 Music Jam Button so it’s in French, Spanish, and Portuguese….enjoy!

Anyway, that wraps things up. I only have a few more days of school, then I’m free for the Summer! After that I’ll start posting much more “On This Day In Club Penguin History” things. That’s all for now!


3 thoughts on “New Theme/Look On Club Penguin Memories! (Plus Music Jam Button)

  1. That sounds awesome train your my best updated thanks for some of those great years of clubpenguin but now it’s time for me to depart on my own journey thanks brother I couldn’t of had fun without you -Adi

  2. Thanks dude your awesome!! I know a bunch of other people would never bother to show us this. You are AWESOME please keep posting these guides they really help me understand how much work goes into a website. Please keep doing this! :D

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