Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Extended Until July 4th!

There has been some rumors going around lately that Club Penguin is extending the Music Jam due to their website issue that happened earlier in the week. Some penguins were saying it was going to end July 5th and a few others said it was going to end July 5th. I decided to email Club Penguin to get some confirmation. I was told it’s extended until July 4th – an extra 9 days! Normally it would be ending today. Here is the email where they stated the end date:

Because of this, hopefully Club Penguin updates the date on their login screen for the Music Jam. ;)

How cool would it be if they added another item during the party extension?!

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Extended Until July 4th!

  1. Awesome! Are, the white diva sunglasses gonna be in the, July 2011 catalog, that’s coming??? Please, tell meh, I would like to know! i’m very interested in the white diva sunglasses. They’re awesome!!! :) ;)

  2. well, there not in the July, 2011 catalog :( but I hope there, in the August, 2011 catalog! if you guys, know can you tell me. lol i really love those glasses, i just wish i had them. everytime i see a penguin with them on i click on them, well some i click oncuz i like those glasses so so so much and the sidetied ponytail’s i like too!

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