Hidden Messages In The Club Penguin EPF Phone?

This isn’t definite, but you know how Protobot messed up communication on the spy phones? The two messages we got from the Director couldn’t mean anything, or maybe they do? Let me break it down for you.

The first one is from G on March 21st.

It reads:

Protobot’s jammin—$#(SG(GG(#SZ(!&#(*RH$AA#S#GTGG&@HPB!$KTC&:*B&B@—-ERROR – SIGNAL LOST.

Now, let’s look at different parts of the message:

  • SG = Shadow Guy
  • GG = Gamma Gal
  • SZ = Squidzoid
  • RH = Rockhopper
  • AA = Aunt arctic
  • S = Sensei
  • GTGG = Gary The Gadget Guy
  • HPB = Herbert P Bear
  • KTC = Klutzy The Crab
  • B&B = Bits & Bolts

The second one is from The Director on March 22nd.

It reads:

Agents, Protob—–PTTF!#$&NSHBT$&*(CPT@&$*#SBP@$&$#&DJKD@$&#GB/SB/PK/F$&*—–ERROR – SIGNAL LOST.

Again, let me break it down:

  • NSHBT = Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed
  • CPT = Club Penguin Times
  • SBP = Unknown
  • DJKD =¬†Unknown
  • GB = G Billy
  • SB = Stompin’ Bob
  • PK = Petey K
  • F = Franky

Do you think this means anything, or know what SBP and DJKD mean?

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