Club Penguin Expedition Party 2011 Cheats

Note: There is videos below of the maze and the machine puzzle!

Club Penguin’s new Wilderness Expedition Party is out. Below is a complete walkthrough of everything new!

To start out, go to the Dock and follow the sign.

It takes you to a room that looks like this:

Be sure to pick up the expedition hat for free!

There is a maze in the forest, kind of like the Medieval Party mazes where you need to figure out the pathway.

There are gears that help you find the way.

The order to the maze is:

  • right
  • up
  • right
  • down
  • left
  • down
  • right

Here is a video of the maze:

After the maze, you will be brought into a new room. There is another challenge ahead.

This is what it looks like. As you can see, there is a huge machine.

In order from left to right, you need to turn it on. Here is a video:

After you complete the puzzle, a target will appear. Keep throwing snowballs at it, and a barrel will appear. If you go back to this room at a later time you do not  need to redo the puzzle.

Go into the barrel, and it will lower you down. It will take you to this room:

First off, go to the booth and click on the paper for the Wilderness Expedition Catalog.

Pick up the life jacket for 50 coins. IT IS NEEDED.

You now need to build a boat.

You need to click the pieces and drag them together to build the boat. It should look like this when completed:

To be able to go onto the boat, put on the Life Jacket you purchased, as noted above.

You will set sail to an all new island!

Here is a video tutorial on building the boat:

In this island on Club Penguin you can enter a cave.

This cave has brown puffles! You can even adopt one for yourself. I named mine Brownie.

Here is a video walkthrough I made of the whole party!

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