On This Day In Club Penguin History – May 3

On the 3rd of May Club Penguin has updated in 2011 and 2012. In 2011 the beta team was released, and in 2012, in addition to the beginning of the month updates such as a new edition of the Penguin Style, there was also a new pin hidden on the island, a new field op mission, a new login screen, and a new log off screen.

In 2011 there was only one update, and it wasn’t in-game, either. The Beta Team was released. The Beta Team was a secret section on Club Penguin’s website where players could login to their account and test concepts the Club Penguin Team made. Rollerscape, Puffle Hat Ideas, and Rollerscape History were the first concepts released, although Puffle Hat Ideas and Rollerscape History did not work when the Beta Team was first released. Rollerscape is now known as the game Pufflescape.

Jumping ahead one year, the biggest update on this day in 2012 was a new clothing catalogue. A usual tradition for May around this time period, the catalogue contained medieval themed items. In total there was five new pages of items, plus six hidden items.


Another update on this day in 2012 was a new pin being hidden on the island. The Black Helm Pin, Club Penguin’s 203rd pin overall, was hidden at the Cove. It is the ninth pin to be hidden in that room.

Also on this day in 2012 the 80th field op mission was released. Gary’s orders were the following:

Last week, we investigated reports of cream soda missing from the Pizza Parlor. A note was left, signed by Rookie, but was not written by him. These may be the clues we’ve been waiting for, but we need more. Go to the Ski Hill, connect to the EPF antenna, and look for any unusual signals.

The mission was completed by breaking the code, which was done by scanning symbols to find the correct combination.

The final two updates on this day in 2012 have  to do with logging in and out. A new login screen advertising the upcoming Medival Party was added, saying “Heroes Needed. Medieval Party May 17 – 29”. There was also a new logoff screen, this one saying “New igloo items on Thursday!”


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