On This Day In Club Penguin History – April 14

On the 14th of April Club Penguin has updated their game in 2006 and 2008. In 2006 a new pin was hidden on the island and the first ever Easter Egg scavenger hunt was held. In 2008 Club Penguin upgraded their website, servers, and tweaked game features. Also, while it’s not an in-game update, in 2014 the team released a sneak peek video of the upcoming Puffle Party.

On this day in 2006 Club Penguin hid their third ever pin on the island, the Plant Pin. This pin is the first one to be hidden at the Dance Lounge.

Image is not mine, it's unknown whose it is

This image is not mine, I don’t know whose it is

Club Penguin’s first ever Easter Egg Hunt began on this day in 2006, too. The reward for finding all eight eggs was the Pink Bunny Ears item.

On this day in 2008 Club Penguin had some big updates. Club Penguin actually went down and into maintenance on the 14th of April into the early hours of the 15th so they could work on these big updates.


The homepage was given a brand new look, servers were upgraded to be both faster and hold more players, parent accounts were released, and Disney’s logo was added above Club Penguin’s.


Most recently, in 2014, the Club Penguin team released a sneak peek video for the Puffle Party.


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  1. I missed how the whole gang was there in the animated login-page and had different special-occasion log-in screens. Now it’s just slide-shows. T^T

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