Club Penguin Best of 2015 Mash-Up Video

After some anticipation in the Club Penguin community, Club Penguin has finished putting the final touches on their best of 2015 mash-up video and released it today! It features different Club Penguin songs mixed together alongside clips from throughout the past year. There are also some quick sneak peeks of #ProjectSuperSecret…

Check it out!

7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Best of 2015 Mash-Up Video

  1. I wish the video was longer. There were MANY things left out in the video. I think the Best of 2013 video is the best out of all.

    CP should’ve done a meetup like the Best of 2013 video and later on use parts of the meetup for the video. Not every party is mentioned as well.

    Parties left out:
    *Festival of Snow
    *Descendants Party
    *Halloween Party
    *Operation: Crustacean
    *Holiday Party

    And almost every clip is reused from other clips. It’s not that bad honestly, but I was expecting more.

    And as for the sneak peeks, let’s remember last year how there were many sneak peeks and apparently few made it in 2015, so I can expect half of those sneak peeks being scrapped throughout 2016.

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