Rockhopper Meetup Times For July 2015

With the Inside Out Party centering around Rockhopper and because he landed ashore today, he is now waddling around the Club Penguin Island. For the first time ever, Club Penguin made a brief animated short about his visit!

Below is a list of all the official meetup times the Club Penguin Team has given out. The times listed are PST, which is the time at the Snow Forts’ clock tower. For EST add three hours. For the UK add eight hours. The servers listed are all English servers unless otherwise said so.

No more!

7 thoughts on “Rockhopper Meetup Times For July 2015

  1. Hey Trainman.

    Not to sound mean, but your discussion posts tend to be interesting. I think you made one in Summer 2013 talking about the first half of 2013 listing out some points about such things, parties, your perspective, etc. The poll reminded me of that. Would you make the same thing sometime this Summer? I’d really love to see another discussion post soon.

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