On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 17

On the 17th of July Club Penguin has had some updates in 2009, 2013, and 2014. In 2009 the Music Jam began, a new pin was released, and the furniture and igloo catalogues were released. In 2013 Cadence’s new song was now available for sale, plus she was waddling around the island. In 2014 the Music Jam began and SoundStudio was released, replacing DJ3K.

The 2009 Music Jam is Club Penguin’s second one. There was one free item at this party, which was the Green Headphones. They could be picked up at the Cove. At the party you could meet the Penguin Band and collect their giveaway background. Cadence was also at this party.


Another update in 2009 was a new pin. Players could collect the all new Beach Umbrella Pin if they found it. The pin was hidden at the Boiler Room. This is the seventh pin to be hidden at the Boiler Room and the 9th pin overall.

The final two updates in 2009 were catalogue related. Both the furniture and the igloo catalogues were updated for the month of July. The igloo catalogue contained the Theatre Igloo and the furniture catalogue contained music themed items.

Moving on to 2012, both updates that day have to do with Cadence. Her new song, The Party Starts Now, was now available for purchasing on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Play. To celebrate she began waddling around the island.

In 2014 Club Penguin had another Music Jam, although much different compared to the previous ones. This one didn’t take place on the island, but rather a cruise ship. At the party there was different performers on the ship such as Cadence, Violetta, and Zendaya. This party also marks the launch of SoundStudio, a game that replaced DJ3K. A new login screen and logoff screen advertising SoundStudio was also added.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.24.00 PM


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  1. Ahh the Music Jam….it brings back a lot of memories :)

    Dancing, making music, singing. Yeah m8, those times were awesome! But the best thing was…THROWING SNOWBALLS AT VIOLETTA. YEAH M8.

    MUSIC JAM 2009. Oh yeah, that was better than 2014 for sure…

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