Club Penguin Is Closing Down The Russian and German Versions

I guess the Russian and German versions of Club Penguin aren’t doing well in comparison to the other languages: they announced today that in several months time they will be closing down the game’s Russian and German variations.

If you go to Club Penguin’s German and Russian website there will be a banner at the top of the website notifying you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.15.54 PM

September 2, 2015 is when you can no longer play Club Penguin in Russian or German, and as of today you can no longer make a Club Penguin account in those languages. Don’t worry though, no accounts will be deleted if you joined Club Penguin in Russian or German. You’ll still be able to play Club Penguin in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.

The FAQ page in Russian can be found here and the German here.

Thanks Xpome and Denice!

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  1. Disney Club Penguin has always been committed to building high quality, entertaining experiences for kids. In order to focus on creating new experiences for kids online, we made the hard decision to close the German and Russian languages on Sept. 2, 2015

    “creating new experiences for kids online”

    So your idea was to dump all you German and Russian players?

    Also you JUST created the Russian language servers and you are ALREADY removing them? Really?

  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????????????????!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO CLUB PENGUIN?!!?!?!

  3. UPDATE: CP posted about the Russian and German servers closing. Here’s what they said (I’m only giving you the English one, since they’re all similar):

    (* = link)

    Hi Penguins,

    Some of you may have heard that Club Penguin in the Russian and German languages will be no longer available after Sept. 2, 2015. We’d like to thank our entire community for your dedication and enthusiasm for Club Penguin over the years. For those of you affected by this, we want to know you are ALWAYS welcome to play in any of our other languages—English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.

    And if you have any questions, please check out our *FAQ page* for help.

    (picture of Russian and German flag pins)

    To celebrate the great times we’ve had so far with our Russian and German players on Club Penguin, we thought it’d be wonderful to share an image or a story of our favorite memories. We’ll share some of these memories on Sept. 2, 2015 to show our support and thank our community for their continued awesomeness.

    You can submit a picture of your favorite memory *here* or leave a comment below.

    Waddle on,

    -Club Penguin Team

    • Then why are you playing CP? All you do is complain and complain. If you like Animal Jam so much, why don’t you quit CP and go play Animal Jam? Plus, you want have anymore complaining to do, will you?

    • trainman: thank you very much
      mario fan: other ppl complain so why am I different? and I don’t care if u disagree with my opinion its my thought on the subject and I can say it if I want too unless u are the owner or a moderator on this site u can NOT tell me wat I can and cannot say so deal with it besides how are my comments affecting ur every day life? huh? care to tell how? and btw I’m not swearing, I’m not talking about adult stuff, and I’m not talking about anything illegal so how is anything I say a REAL problem and btw if I talked so much about WONDERFUL AJ is why would u think I DON’T play it? of course I do there is no law that says just because I play CP does not mean I can’t play AJ that’s like saying all those ppl on YT with names like “1D fan 1001” can’t like other singers too. just saying

  4. Most people are thinking that this would mark the beginning of CP’s end, but what if CP is eventually removing EVERY language so that way they can implement CPNext?

    If I’m not mistaken, once CPNext is implemented you’ll be able to speak with other penguins even though they’re talking in another language; somehow connecting the players.

    Let’s say if I am speaking English and somebody speaks Portuguese; I honestly have no big idea of how this would work out, but I imagine a side note appears showing the correct translation, the attempt of what the penguins are trying to say, or whatever. If I am right, this would also allow penguins to talk themselves in private chat or talk without showing their speech bubbles to other penguins so I assume this would also enable penguins to talk in other languages.

    Anyways, I have a question: Will this happen the same to the Club Penguin App?

    Moreover, I seriously hope this doesn’t mark the start of CP’s end. CP is doing a really good job lately and it’d be completely upsetting that it’ll close soon. :/

  5. Club Penguin expanded too fast and couldn’t do it well.
    Not mentioning the GIANT BLOOPER of turning Santa into a silly walrus! (I lost 78 penguin friends over that fiasco.) O.O

    Someone at the top made the decision to pull back and regroup.
    Probably a good idea.
    My youngest cousins are 5 now, they have quite a few years left to play on this site.
    I hope they’ll have as good a time as I have.
    cross fingers

  6. I really believe they will shutdown within the next few years. The fact that Marketing for the game is not working as well as it should be anymore and that the CEO is probably a joke, they will lose the company from making anymore decisions.

  7. I watch a show called Shark Tank (on ABC) and it has businesses come in and ask for an investment. Sometimes the businesses have grown too fast and not been able to keep up with inventory. That’s Club Penguin for you.

  8. They just launched in Russian last year!! Club Penguin says they won’t be shutting down any time soon, but things like this surely don’t say so. :/

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