4 thoughts on “Minor Club Penguin Updates: Pay Day, Login Screen, Postcards

      • You’re right annonimous. I’ve been very excited for upcoming parties, but not anymore since CP has been failing a lot lately.

        *Music Jam 2014

        **Expectation: WOO HOO! FINALLY ANOTHER MUSIC JAM! Can’t wait to see the rooms decorated plus the Music Cruise. It sounds like it will be a great Summer! The Penguin Band is also waddling since a long time! PERHAPS THE BEST MUSIC JAM EVER!
        **Reality: …Where’s the MUSIC? The themed stages? The Backstage? The Music Maker 3000? Where’s the MUSIC JAM?! 8 ROOMS IS NOT ENOUGH! WHY MUST OUR MOST BELOVED PARTY JOIN THE GROUP OF CRAPPY PARTIES. WORST MUSIC JAM EVER!

        *Frozen Party

        **Expectation: This might finally be an improvement of the Music Jam. Hopefully it’s a big party unlike the Crap Jam 2014.
        **Reality: Kinda fun actually. Just wished for more rooms decorated. At least it had nice content (mostly for members) and a free igloo for everybody! At least it’s BETTER than the Crap Jam 2014.

        *School & Skate Party

        **Expectation: Hmm…wonder what this party will be like. What I can expect is that since last month’s party wasn’t that bad, this might be as well. Excited to see a new room opening in the island, and new concept introduced in game (skating).
        **Reality: Why 9 ROOMS? This is NOT enough! The Snow Forts could’ve been decorated. The Stadium. The Town Center. Skating gets very boring easily as well! I thought it would be more exciting! Eventually the Skatepark begins collecting dust as well. Wish the Skatepark was decorated more often alongside other rooms such as the Pet Shop, Iceberg, Ski Village, Puffle Park, Underground, Dance Club, etc! At least there’s another igloo for all players…At least this wasn’t a bad party either. At least it was better than the Music Jam 2014…

        *Merry Walrus Party:

        **Expectation: I like how CP is making new holidays. Surely it will be epic and the EPF might finally be involved.
        **Reality: Where’s the EPF? How come it wasn’t involved unlike the TV Special? Why did they remove NIGHTTIME? That put me in a holiday mood! Lack of decorated rooms. Repetitive quests and the Blue Crystal Puffle is not that worth it! IT DOESN’T FEEL CHRISTMAS-Y ANYMORE! WORST HOLIDAY PARTY EVER!

        *Star Wars Rebels Takeover

        **Expectation: I like how CP is bringing back the Star Wars Takeover. Kinda disappointed how it will involve the Star Wars Rebels TV Show instead of the original trilogy, but it must be an epic party as well! Trainman also said that many rooms, unlike the past, will be decorated including the Puffle Park thanks to somebody whose username I don’t remember :P
        **Reality: Where is the Lighthouse decorated? Puffle Park decorated? Pizza Parlor decorated? LACK OF DECORATED ROOMS AGAIN! 9 ISN’T ENOUGH! The sky doesn’t even change in other rooms like the Ski Village and the Iceberg! Repetitive quests again but at least, more challenging.

        As you can see, I’m tired of how it ends the same way we can easily expect that from every party for now on. Also, I didn’t include the Halloween Party 2014 and the Pirate Party 2014 since they were very good parties and they turned out to be very fun.

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