On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 4

The 4th of December has had updates in 2009. That year there was a new clothing catalogue, a new pin, Rockhopper was spotted in the telescope coming to the island of Club Penguin, and finally a projector to watch a video was added to the Dojo Courtyard.

The December 2009 Penguin Style featured new holiday themed items such as the Reindeer and Tree Costume. In total there were three new pages of items that month. There were also many hidden items in the catalogue – especially musical instruments.

Club Penguin December 2009 Penguin Style

The new pin released on December 4th was the Christmas Bell Pin. It was located at the Forest towards the top right of the room on the rock. (this was for the Forest’s old design) The Christmas Bell Pin was Club Penguin’s 108th pin overall and the sixth pin to be hidden in this room overall. If you count pins available at the Prize Booth located at the Forest during the Fall Fair then it would really be the eighth pin to be hidden in this room.

Also on the 4th Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator, was spotted in the telescope. Rockhopper tends to come every year for the Holiday Party/Coins For Change and like usual for that time of year, his ship was decorated in green for the holidays.

The final update on the 4th of December took place at Dojo Courtyard. A video projector was added so players could watch the Card-Jitsu Fire video.



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