On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 10

In 2010 there were many different updates on the 10th of December! A new furniture catalogue were released, and to go along with that Club Penguin also launched their Deck The Halls Igloo Decorating Contest. There were also some minor updates. The new furniture catalogue for December featured new items such as the Coins For Change Donation Station and Donation Tube. There were also many other festive holiday related items. Club Penguin also updated the igloo music with some holiday tunes, specifically Candy Cane March and Santa’s Mix.

There were also some minor updates. For starters, the postcards were updated for the holidays. Construction for the 2010 Holiday Party also began, as boxes were placed in the Town, Beach, and a few other rooms. There were also new login screens added to advertise the Holiday Party and Coins For Change. Since Coins For Change was coming up, Rockhopper appeared closer in the Telescope as he was making another voyage to the island.


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