Club Penguin Merry Walrus 2014 Party Information

Club Penguin’s first ever Merry Walrus party starts next Thursday and I have some information on what’s going to be at the party. This post contains spoilers so read on at your own risk!

Here’s some party text from the files. These are going to be said by Merry Walrus himself:

  • HO HO HO! Merry Walrus! It’s my name and my catchphrase! Let’s celebrate new traditions this year with Coins For Change!
  • HO HO HO! Thanks for earning so many donations for Coins For Change! Here’s a special prize for making it a very Merry Walrus party!
  • Every tradition sends donations to the Coins For Change charity. Tap donation stations around the island to donate more!
  • Are you ready to adopt a blue crystal puffle?

At the party members will be able to:

  • Adopt a blue crystal puffle during the Merry Walrus Party
  • Earn exclusive items like the Merry Walrus Suit
  • Do special actions with items like the Jingle Apron

The party will also have a new tradition/task each day for at least three days. Here’s all the party text relating to that:

  • Celebrate our first Merry Walrus party with this hat.
  • Decorate the tree by throwing snowballs at it!
  • New tradition unlocks on Dec. 19 – Throw food 10 times at the Festive Fluffy Feast Food Fight
  • New tradition unlocks on Dec. 20 – Ring 8 bells at the Plaza to celebrate!
  • New tradition unlocks on Dec. 21 – Find all 6 blue puffle gems for your prize!
  • Now collect your holiday prize by clicking here.
  • You did it! 500 coins will be donated to Coins For Change in your name!
  • Go for it! Throw some ornaments on the tree. Why decorate slowly?!
  • Ding dong! It’s Merry Walrus time. Let the whole island know you’re earning donations!
  • FOOD FIGHT! You only eat what you catch! This is way more exciting than sitting down for dinner!

At minimum the Beach, Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Forest, Mine Shack, School, and possibly the Stage will be decorated. There will also be at least one special party room. It also looks like there will be around ten different tracks playing in rooms, so definitely more rooms than just the ones I mentioned will be decorated. It’s possible the island on mobile will only be partially decorated again like during the Halloween Party and you’ll need to log on to Club Penguin from the computer for the full party experience, however I cannot say with certainty how it will be. Unlike past parties, Club Penguin has not uploaded the music or room files in advance. If they do I will definitely post them!

Thanks to Pen50gi for all the information!

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Merry Walrus 2014 Party Information

  1. I hope several indoor rooms will be decorated as well…

    The Night Club hasn’t been decorated all year! And while CP can go ahead creativity by AT LEAST changing the dance floor with relevant colors of the holiday (like green and red for Holiday/Merry Walrus Party or Orange and Black for Halloween Party), and adding small decorations but no -_-. They shall go ahead, decorate heavily rooms and transform completely a room into something that it’s not (For instance: The Stadium during the Halloween Party 2013 and 2014; It didn’t look like any stadium at all).

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