Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

Club Penguin is updating tonight. This is their forty seventh update week of 2014. This week contains a major amount of updates. The expected updates this week are as follows:

  • Pirate Party 2014 (and Herbert does something most likely)
  • Rockhopper’s ship arrives…and crashes
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 474
  • As always there will likely be a new EPF message on your spy phone later in the day

If you have not already done the following I recommend you do so before Club Penguin updates.

  • Nothing this week

Posts related to tonight’s updates include:

17 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

  1. Here’s a theory, the crabs and Klutsys family, Herbert told Klutsy to get his family to take over rockhoppers ship. Then Herbert hits rockhopper with a submarine, as he is making one.. That’s why the ship crashes.

  2. I love the part where you say “Rockhopper’s ship arrives….. and crashes”. It is true through. I can’t wait for the treasure hunts and rooms. I’m not supposed to tell anyone but Rockhopper is my long lost brother and gave me “How to be a Pirate” lessons. I think I’m ready.

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