On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 23

On the 23rd of November in 2007 there were two updates. There was a Surprise Party, the Western Party, and also a new pin. Two weeks prior to the party, in Club Penguin Times Issue 108, penguins could vote in a poll saying which party they wanted. The party that received the most votes would be November 2007’s party. There were also updates in 2012 and 2013.

The choices were:

  1. Pirate Party (from April 2007)
  2. Western Party (from July 2006)
  3. Sports Party (from August 2006)

The winning party was not revealed until the 23rd when the party was actually released. The winning party was the Western Party, making it Club Penguin’s second Western Party. The 2007 Western Party did have a few of the same decorations as the 2006 Western Party, however Club Penguin did decorate the island a little more, and also differently. There has not been a Western Party on Club Penguin since 2007.


Along with the party there was a new pin, the Needle Pin. The Needle Pin is Club Penguin’s 47th pin and was the first pin to be hidden at the Cove.

As for November 23, 2012 and November 23, 2013 there were single updates each year: more orders for Operation Blackout in 2012 and more orders for Operation Puffle in 2013.


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