Club Penguin Animated Holiday Special Coming To Disney Channel UK Next Month

Apparently a Christmas special is coming to Disney Channel UK next month. Titled “We Wish You a Merry Walrus”, the claymation(?) holiday special features a pirate named Roofhowse who lands on the Club Penguin Island and finds himself become part of an unexpected festive adventure.

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The special will premiere on Disney Channel UK at 6:30 PM (GMT, of course) on Wednesday, December 17th. It was not said how long this animated short is. A few minutes, fifteen minutes, maaaaaybe a half hour?

Air dates in other countries is currently unknown however the news article does mention it will also be translated to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Dutch.

Assuming this is real, in which case it will be, I’ll keep you guys and gals posted with any other news that comes of this. Based on the teaser image it looks cool and I can’t wait to check it out! But…why Roofhowse and not Rockhopper?

Thanks Saraapril!

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Animated Holiday Special Coming To Disney Channel UK Next Month

  1. I hope this special airs in Portugal, since the only thing that Disney Channel airs CP-related on my country, is commercials for CP parties (only ones that have a comercial and they only air on the day of which party starts and stops airing them once the parties are over).

  2. Finally! After 1 and a half years without animated shorts (excluding party trailers).

    Why Merry-Walrus? I hope Tusk gets involved in the Holiday Party and there’s some Card-Jitsu action in it…it’s been since May 2013 that we’ve got ninja/card-jitsu action.

  3. And this is where my absence of a Disney Channel comes to bite me in the butt. And I live in the UK too! Darn it! D: Somebody better post this on Youtube! :P

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