Your Inventory Item Order Has Been Changed

First on mobile, now on the desktop. Just like Megg promised earlier this week, the order of items in our inventories is now different.

Instead of items being (mostly) ordered from oldest to newest, it’s now basically newest to oldest. What items you just purchased/received are now first, and the older items are now at the bottom of your inventory. For example, when looking at all items, I see the latest pins and August 2014 Penguin Style items I purchased rather than my head items such as the 1st Year Party Hat and Green Toque.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.06.42 AM

Do you have much of an opinion about this change?

25 thoughts on “Your Inventory Item Order Has Been Changed

  1. It caters more to the newer penguins, but I’m sure older penguins won’t like this decision since many of them like to wear old items. Let’s hope that Club Penguin could let us change the order when we want to so that it would benefit both the old and newer penguins.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I was thinking Club Penguin could add another filtering system to the inventory so we can choose how it is organized such as, old items first or newer items first.

  2. I feel newest to oldest is even MORE complicated than oldest to newest. I’ve memorized where a lot of my items are and now I’ll have to memorize it again… Woohoo…

    There seriously needs to be a better organization system. It would be cool if you could do oldest to newest OR newest to oldest, instead of it being mandatory.

  3. I really, really dont like this. Ive always wanted an option to sort items by more than just types (like head and body) in ways such as highest to lowest ID, alphabetically and reverse alphabetically, or being able to search by name. Being able to save a few outfits would be great too. But forcing this change is just really annoying. Especially because what I usually wear is towards the top of lists, except for the Snow Beta Hat and Green Sunglasses (unlocked)

  4. I like this update, as I’m not an old player. Today (10/16/14) my penguin (Icy Blue4060) turned 365 days old. So, yes, I’m not very old. But my favorite parties I would say are Operation Puffle and the Halloween Party 2014 (even though it’s not out).

  5. Relax people! Apparently CP will release a save outfit option, as well the ability to like other people’s outfits! What really tickens me though, is that CP didn’t think of a more efficient way to organize the inventory. They could’ve added a search option, an option to reverse the update (like it happened with muting sounds and muting music) instead of being forced to utilize the new inventory update.

    CP should’ve added as well a new category classified as “Favorites”, where you would be able to list any item as favorite. In that category you would find your favorite items.

  6. Sorry Club Penguin, I didn’t really like this update. Now my inventory just feels messed up. ._.
    I’d be fine with it if the items you buy at least went back to organizing by ID after a month or so.

  7. First thing I did when I became a member years ago was buy every instrument.
    Now it takes forever to get down to them.
    A sad penguin, I am.
    I’m with some of the others, let me toss some away.

  8. Why they can’t do something like hashtags and search ? Have they got no ideas ? Every item could have ’em. You will can search item name, id or hashtag (for example #flower, and you will see Flower Cap or Basket Of Flowers or anything else). I think I should tell CPTeam about this. I have a hope, that they will not answer “Ok, your idea is good, goodbye” and do nothing…

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