Megg Is No Longer an Intern at Club Penguin

Bad news everyone, we can’t call Megg “Megg The Intern” anymore as she’s no longer an intern for Club Penguin…but don’t worry! There’s good news: Megg is now a regular full time employee for Club Penguin and not an intern! :D Check out the announcement tweet from Polo Field, posted on Wednesday:

Congratulations to Megg on the big achievement! Speaking of Megg, Polo Field, and Twitter overall, the team appears to be tweeting less and less on their individual accounts. Either the team is SUPER busy on a project or there are even more company rules restricting their usage on social media, as right around the time Megg began to tweet less Lilac Ren shut down her Twitter account that she only recently made. Hum. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more rules put into place. :/

Also…I called it. ;)

17 thoughts on “Megg Is No Longer an Intern at Club Penguin

  1. Haha that’s nice, I love Megg she’s so funny :D
    Btw: Train that thing down there that says upcoming mascot meetup times it really helps me and I found Rookie, with that I complete my mascots collection.

    • Intern: a student who is working at a job in order to gain experience for the field they want to be in, not always a paid position
      Employee: you actually work for the company, either with an hourly wage or salary

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