The Iceberg On Club Penguin Can Really Be Tipped

Lately penguins have taken a huge interest in tipping the iceberg. Some say you can, other say you can’t. As it turns out, the iceberg can be tipped a little bit on mobile devices – and I’ve got photographic evidence thanks to Azerty15.

Check out the GIF image I made with two different images Azerty took.


There’s no denying it that the iceberg does tip a little bit to one side. It’s something. Maybe not the kind of tipping penguins were expecting, such as this popular edit that has existed for years:


Tipping the iceberg completely or mostly underwater is likely impossible, or if possible, would take a huge amount of effort. Remember, only 10% of an iceberg is above water. The rest of the iceberg is under the water, like so:


Regardless, even the fact that the iceberg moves just a little bit is exciting. Do you think there is anything under the iceberg?

Thanks Azerty15!

9 thoughts on “The Iceberg On Club Penguin Can Really Be Tipped

  1. i made a video (not advertising lol) about if the iceberg can tip if it was in real life… sadly the answer was no since the amount of penguins in a room is limitive… but if it was in real life the iceberg would melt eventauly due to the amount of trees on the cp map

  2. A lot of people are using logic like the iceberg is only showing 10 percent of itself above the water, BUT you have to remember- at the Prehistoric Party 2013 we actually discovered the iceberg is not an iceberg- it is a frozen dinosaur. So all we have to do is tip the frozen dinosaur.

  3. I know this sounds bad but i really want the giant shark to get out and be swimming around XD It wont harm anything of course but it could like smash stuff and we have to fix it and put the shark in like a tank or something that would be great XD It was still there after the party in the water wasn’t it? Wasn’t there a fin or something?

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