Battle of the Ancient Shadows Returns

Battle of the Ancient Shadows has returned to the Stage on Club Penguin. This is Club Penguin’s third showing of the stage play. It first premiered on November 24, 2011 then returned on May 9, 2013.┬áThe set is the same as usual. By the way, I meant “boo” as in “boo I’m a ghost and want to scare you” and not “boo, this play stinks”. :p

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.49.38 AM

The only difference in the catalogue for this showing is all the price tags now have the member badge on them and the text is less centered and even outside the boxes…which annoys me. :P You can click the monkey’s left arm for the Megaphone (145 coins) and the Director’s Cap. (250 coins)

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.13.14 AM

I wonder why Club Penguin added this play instead of Quest for the Golden Puffle? April is all about Puffles, after all…

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5 thoughts on “Battle of the Ancient Shadows Returns

  1. Would you like to know why? Well…this is just my idea

    July’s Party will be Card-Jitsu Shadow. How do I know this or why do I predict this?

    Club Penguin usually plans parties 3-4 months early and apparently, Club Penguin is hinting us indirectly Card-Jitsu in July. After all, why is there an “Ask Sensei” section and Card-Jitsu is mentioned on the Secrets page of the CP Times Newspaper? That could also explain why the play returned.

    What do you think TM1405?

  2. Well, Quest For the Golden Puffle has returned like 8 times..I’m sure Club Penguin knows we are tired of it by now. :P

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