April 2014 Furniture & Igloo Catalogue Released

Club Penguin’s new furniture & igloo catalogue has been released! This is their fourth furniture and igloo catalogue of 2014. It is for the month of April. This month’s new items are Puffle and Earth Month themed.

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Here are the new pages of furniture this month. What’s weird is in English servers the item names are no longer listed on the pages, yet on foreign servers (such as Portuguese) they are. There are Puffle Play Pen items, some other miscellaneous Puffle related items, and also wilderness items to go along with Earth Month.

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This month’s new igloo is the Puffle Tree House igloo. Members can buy it and be featured on the igloo list during the 2014 Puffle Party, which begins April 17th and ends April 29th. This igloo is 1,500 coins.

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The Wildlife Den Igloo returned along with the Theatre Igloo. The Wildlife Den igloo is 900 coins and the Theatre Igloo is 4,600 coins. Old igloos are rather expensive compared to newer ones!

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As for hidden igloos and igloo flooring, here are the cheats:

Depending on what language you are playing Club Penguin in, the Puffle Stage (300 coins) will be hidden in a different spot. In English servers it’s on the line between the two pages of igloo flooring.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.04.59 AM

But in Portuguese servers it’s located on a furniture item. I wonder why it is different?

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Click the Sunny Sky Floor for the Terracotta Tile flooring. It is 680 coins.

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The following pages have been updated:

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  1. Train! I think the hidden puffle stage between the two pages is just a bug because if you think it, it makes no sense lol

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