#WaddleOn Episode 27 – Biker Bunnies & Motor Bugs

This week’s episode of #WaddleOn is now out! This episode is titled “Biker Bunnies & Motor Bugs”. This is the episode they recently asked us to help out with. Here it is:

How do you like this week’s episode?

7 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Episode 27 – Biker Bunnies & Motor Bugs

  1. stop the video at 1:24 … see puff1e dude’s ring… its completely green…. maybe a new feature to change the colors of out rings? plus at the end of the video the weird beeping confirms the EPF reconstruction maybe……

  2. train iam in at 0:39 been in three videos filed friday in december best of 2013 and now waddle on ep 27

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