Club Penguin To Have World Cup Party In June 2014

As you may have heard elsewhere, Spike Hike recently said that the World Cup is coming to Club Penguin in June. Some were doubtful of this so at today’s Spike Saturday he said it again: Club Penguin is having a World Cup related party in June! Check out this screenshot, courtesy of @TheAlexAnton.


I’m guessing it will be similar to a Sports Party but only soccer (football for non Americans) related. Does this type of party appeal to you?

On a related note, rumours have been flying around that Violetta, a character from a Disney Channel television show in Europe and Latin America, will be at this year’s Music Jam. This is not confirmed. Not only that, but the television show Violetta does not air in North America so a lot of Club Penguin’s userbase would be unfamiliar with the character.

62 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Have World Cup Party In June 2014

  1. To me it sounds like he’s saying the World Cup is in June, not that they’re going to have a World Cup Party in June… but that’s just me.

  2. I was disappointed that we couldn’t get the Penguin Bands stamps at the Fair… Hopefully at the Music Jam they’ll have them able to meet (Not on stage)

  3. Club Penguin is seriously getting more and more boring parties as the years go by,not like 2011,
    I almost feel like quitting but I dont wanna :\

  4. Woot! Finally another Sport Themed Party! :D remember the Olympic party many Years ago? :3 Hopefully they release SoccerTEam T-shirt for everyone! so i can support my “Red Devils” Belguim Soccer team <3

    Fun Fact : Romelu Lukaku was a friend of me :3 he used to live in my street, i played soccer with him before he went to Pro soccer ( Anderlecht) :D

  5. Hey Trainman! I have a cool glitch To Go inside Stage even though we can’t go!!
    1.Click on the Spy Phone.
    2.Click on teleport.
    3.Click on stage.
    4.While the Spy Phone starts loading, click on the newspaper.
    5.After the Club Penguin loading screen (Blue screen) goes off, then close the newspaper.
    6.Now you will be inside the stage!!

  6. I’m not sure it’s a World Cup Party, I think he’s mentioning the actual thing. Note how he didn’t say “party”…

  7. Yes, Club Penguin needed a party like this, for those of you who don’t like football i say that you are not living in this world!

    • You can’t demoralize people if they don’t like the sport that you do. We all have our favourite sports and our worst sports. Some people don’t like sports at all! They don’t have to agree on something you may otherwise like.

  8. ehhh, Train, you forgot to add the Adventure Party Temple of Fruit to the poll, since that is also an sponsoring party, is just that not many penguins knew it

  9. Violetta is horrible, it’s like all the others Disney Channel programms about teenagers who sing, a girl who likes singing, goes to a school, she has a boyfirend, and another guy loves her and blah blah boring, blah blah, in short, Violetta is one of the worst programms of Disney, if it’s not the worst, believe me, I’m from South America and DIsney overexploited Violetta, something similar with Ben 10 in CN, I don’t know there, but here there is a lot of advertisment and special programms of them, maybe CP can do a good party, like with the MU Takeover, I though it would be a great party and I hated it.
    (Sorry If my English is horrible, I’m Spanish and I only want to tell you something about Violetta)

  10. Eh, sounds fine! I’m not a huge fan of these real-world related event parties. (I like the holiday parties, though.) Let’s just see how it goes… :)

  11. I hope it wont just be soccer. Maybe some other sports too like baseball, track, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, etc.

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