More New Puffles Coming To Club Penguin’s 2014 Puffle Party

Club Penguin has just released the brand new dinosaur puffles last week but they’re still not done! At Club Penguin’s 2014 Puffle Party, which is in April, there will be more new Puffles. Here is what Polo Field said on the topic when asked:

What do you think the Puffles will be like? Do you think it will be a new colour or a new breed type? I’m guessing the latter one. While I cannot say with certainty, I won’t be surprised if they are members only.

34 thoughts on “More New Puffles Coming To Club Penguin’s 2014 Puffle Party

  1. Trainman, scratch what I said before. I believe it will be a breed puffle. I believe there will be Bunny Puffles since the Puffle Party takes place in Easter right? There would be an Easter Scavenger Hunt to find the bunny puffle eggs.

  2. Will those all have to stay in the backyard except at the party like the dino puffles will?
    They said (Once the party ends the Dino Puffles will live in your igloo backyard.)
    I would like to be able to match puffles to igloos all year long.

  3. ok this is easy in the prehistoric party go to the prehistoric iceberg and u will notice that the shark is gone and then go to the normal iceberg and u might see a shark so these are my suggestions a shark puffle a bunny puffle cause of Easter or a grey puffle because well lots of people are saying that and card jitsu shadow is coming this year and that kinda matches it

  4. Hey i took long research until i found Operation Puffle Theories!

    In mission 8 Herbert was making a plan about puffles which i thought that he might capture them and put them in his control and he did! Brain boxes we’re used to force puffles to dig and give it to him

    There was also a comic when he decided to hypnotize puffles! and it worked

    Puffle Trouble! Remember when puffles came to his hide out? maybe this could give us a hint?

    Mission 10 had Herbert goes after the fake golden puffle used as bait. I know not much of theory but hinting us again!

    Op. hot sauce had Herbert building something and it was used to trap us in Op. Puffle!

    The “News for puffles” had the word “November” that means we’re on another Operation like Op. Blackout!

    Also the Halloween Party sneak peek had him in it holding a paper with a puffle on it and the Op. Puffle sign you put on as a post to let us know!

    Now thanks to me for this your welcome about this i hope it helps you about the Op. Puffle!

  5. Guy I’m back so I saw the muppets most wanted and I saw a fox puffle lots of you are saying that is FOXS PUFFLE I know because I say this 3 time so you have to know it if is cat puffle then……….. IT WILL BE AWESOME ! :D

  6. Ok guy I’m back aingna so I saw every blog but is a fail so I think we’re going to go in the fostsot
    So I saw the update ( you know that I don’t do Facebook !:( )

  7. it would so cool if it was a baby puffle like you used 2 other puffles to breed a aby puffle but there problaly won’t be a baby puffle because at one point it would grow up

  8. I know what it is guys its a blue dog puffle (if u see the stinky stinky viseo u will see it) and an orange cat puffle which was seen in the cp muppets trailer thing) but it could be possible for it to be something else but someone I know heard that polo field said it would be those two.maybe later it could be past puffles that u could never adopt like the puffle chicken or the other medival puffle morph puffles. or the bat puffle from the Halloween puffle or the raindeer puffle from the holiday party BUT…if u noticed the purple cat puffle in the puffle trouble it could be that too.

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