Club Penguin 2014 Fair Sneak Peek

As a huge thanks to fan bloggers around the world, Polo Field has given everyone a sneak peek of the 2014 Fair party on his blog for us to post. How kind of him! I recommend you read the whole post he made when you have the time.

Here is the image Polo Field posted. I must say that the Fair looks AMAZING based on the picture.


Thanks Polo Field!

48 thoughts on “Club Penguin 2014 Fair Sneak Peek

  1. AWESOME. I have a little theory. Maybe we will be able to use the Time Trekker to travel to different times? Because this room looks a lot futuristic, but in the other sneak peek we saw there was a crashed ship, not futuristic at all. So that’s where my theory comes from! This party looks great and certainly will be the best Fair EVER. And finally the Unused Game Machine will be explored! YAAY! :P Bye Train!

  2. I think that’s the Dance lounge. I hope it gets decorated at the party because it hasn’t been decorated for 427271853637 years. Haha! The party looks awesome!

  3. Awesome! I am excited! There would be a new game in that unplugged arcade game :D As i see on the sign over it seems like there would be a pizza game or something :-)

  4. Maybe the new game is like pac-man but the penguins are eating pizzas and the bad people are Herberts or something like that

  5. As ‘54321Penny’ mentioned above,the unplugged game is revealed.If you go back to the past and read an old issue of Club Penguin Times,it talks about this mysterious arcade game,not unplugged.They wouldn’t talk about it for no reason.Ever since that day,I have known the unplugged game will be revealed soon.If you look closely in the newspaper of that time,in the arcade now,and on the screenshot above,the arcade game is red.So this means there will be a new game coming to club penguin during the Fair,onwards,which will be located in the arcade,It is possible,right Trainman?

  6. Trainman, this may be off topic, but when I walk to the iceberg in prehistoric Club Penguin, you can hear a cracking commotion. This could mean that when the shark left, the iceberg started to move. The iceberg could be floating away soon!

  7. ITS THE UNPLUGGED ARCADE GAME!!!! :0:0 O.o O.O!! 0.0! :0 :0 :0 o.O :0 XD
    And wow, this party is gonna be epic!! but i agree in that from the two pics, it doesnt quite strike me as the usual fair XD

  8. Looking for clues… There are some trees, so it must be outside, the thing in the top left corner is… has a wing… there is a feed-a-puffle thing, we all know that, and then we have … stairs?

    It just doesn’t add up…

  9. Train! Polo Field confirmed April’s party to be The Puffle Party! It’s on the blog comments section(top)…Polo replied to a comment. Oh, and it’s on the Spoiler Alert episode post. :)

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