The Best of 2013 Club Penguin Mashup (Music Video + New Puffle!)

A music video is coming tomorrow, but in the meantime Club Penguin has uploaded the audio to their 2013 mashup featuring their mashed audio from their songs and videos released throughout the year! It sounds epic…I hope they do it again next year! Can you identify all of the audio tracks?

They should make this igloo music!

UPDATE: The music video is now online! Maybe you’re in it! Check it out:

Check this out on the video’s thumbnail…a Puffle with a tail! Thanks @KevinRicardoHZ!


37 thoughts on “The Best of 2013 Club Penguin Mashup (Music Video + New Puffle!)

  1. OMG I loved how they did that. Can’t wait to see the video. They mainliy used It’s your Birthday and You gotta have a wingman. I also heard some Party in my iggy and Someone like me to like me.
    Happy new Years everyone. Love the chicken Puffle :P

  2. Not my favourite. Very sorry. Hopefully the video will make it better. I’d still buy it on iTunes if CP ever puts any songs there anymore.

  3. the audio tracks are from party in my iggy it’s your birthday puffle party gotta have a wingman waddleon spoiler alert some igloo tracks and from some parties

  4. The CP team fit the songs together very nicely with the music video and remixed each aspect of the song with detail and care! Thanks for sharing and here is to another successful year!

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