Prehistoric Party 2014 Confirmed To Be January’s Party

Polo Field has announced Club Penguin’s first party of 2014 on Twitter! It will be another Prehistoric Party. So far there has only been one Prehistoric Party, which took place in January of this year.

What do you think the party will be like? Hopefully it’s a bit different than it was this year, as I like variety. You can check out the January 2013 party on this page.

75 thoughts on “Prehistoric Party 2014 Confirmed To Be January’s Party

  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…Ok I liked the Prehistoric Party from this year and transforming into an annoying dino to puke on every silly penguin but I never knew it would be traditional. What happened to the Futuristic Party?

  2. Hey Train…on CP when ya don’t have enough money and try to buy something that is way expensive it says Uh-Oh You’ll need more coins to buy this item Earn coins by playing games or walking ur puffle & it shows this picture of this safe thing.. yeah XD

  3. OMG, I WAS RIGHT! Remember when there was that bug about the Prehistoric log off thing, I said ‘Maybe its for Prehistoric Party 2014’ :D

  4. WOO HOO!! I had been waiting for it again for ages and AT LAST,finally….its confirmed :) Hey Trainman,I had a strong feeling that the Prehistoric Party will come back because of CP’s membership page cause the place where it shows ‘New Experiences Weekly’ has some slides of parties which are EVERY year :D And in that list,is the Hollywood Party and so is the Prehistoric Party! So I think the Penguin Band might return for Hollywood Party 2014 to play some music for the ‘Superstars’ :)

    Keep Your Eyes Peeled,
    Hope This Helped You,
    Waddle On!

    • there might not be a hollywood party. just because there is a prehistoric party dosen’t mean there will be a hollywood party.

      ~pie boy~

    • Club Penguin has always reused ideas. It’s how the game is meant to work. They aren’t running out of ideas, they’re coming up with many new ones.

  5. Polo Field confirmed that there will be dino puffles at this party.What I’ve been wanting for a long time is abnormal puffles that you don’t transform into.

  6. For me, it’s okay to repeat parties, but only if they have at least one new party and another Star Wars Takeover with a special space battle room.

  7. Hey, what if its NOT about the dinosaurs this time? Will it probably be Mammoths,sabertooths and other prehistoric creatures?

  8. Did you notice the thing that pops up when you log on cp and if you click the gold statue it will say “you can only get this item 99 times” or is it just me?

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