Club Penguin Disney Channel Game On Commercial: Gold Puffle

A new Club Penguin related Game On commercial is now airing on Disney Channel in the United States! This time Club Penguin has uploaded it to the web right away instead of a few weeks after it begins airing. (I don’t have to record it, yay! :P) This time Hallie talks about the Gold Puffle. The video shows a lot of in-game scenes similar to the video about the Gold Puffle that was recently added to Club Penguin’s homepage. Here’s the video:

Lol…what’s the Star Wars icon doing in the top right? The Star Wars Takeover was months ago!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.27.40 PM

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Disney Channel Game On Commercial: Gold Puffle

  1. Gold Nuggets? I wonder how much we must collect in order to earn a Golden Puffle. But guys, don’t worry, you have alot of time to get it. Don’t panic, this wont be like the rainbo- or… no cp just no don’t you dare xD

  2. Hey train I found something in the video! When they are in the pet shop looking at puffles, you see a golden puffle sign next to the rainbow puffle sign in the back!!! Please give me credit thanks!

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