Rockhopper To Visit Next Month

It’s been a long time since Rockhopper visited – a loooong time.¬†For those of you who want the friendly pirate to visit again, you’re in luck!

According to Polo Field at today’s Field Friday he will be visiting next month! Chances are he’ll visit starting September 19th when that month’s party is released.


I wonder what he’s been up to all this time?

UPDATE: Based on the comments it looks like Rockhopper isn’t coming for the Medieval party…so what will his visit be for?

Thanks 1999bloo!

19 thoughts on “Rockhopper To Visit Next Month

  1. Train, Why would Rockhopper visit during the possible medieval party? What would he do? A pirate at a medical party? I’m not mad he’s coming, I’m just wondering why. Plz respond back

  2. I think he will be making a NORMAL visit. Remember a few years back when Rockhopper came to Club Penguin? He didn’t come just to attend a party, he just came at any time. It seems like now Club Penguin only finds it appropriate to bring him back when there is a party. I remember in 2007 when Rockhopper came to Club Penguin 7 times. How many times has Rockhopper come to Club Penguin in 2013? 0.

  3. Maybe they’ll have two parties in September, like they did in February last year? Maybe The Fair will be one of the September parties, and Rockhopper will come this year.

  4. No Rockhopper in September? -_- Does that mean he will visit at the Holiday Party? That’s exactly ONE year since he last visited the island! Remember when Rockhopper visited during the Summer too? I bet if we didn’t have a Monsters University Takeover, we would have an Adventure Party at least and Rockhopper would visit, the MU Takeover was kind of a waste of party also that no mascot visited the island when there could be a more fun party with a mascot waddling in it.

    I wish Rockhopper waddles somewhere between September – December. I wish they do it again like back in 2008 – 2010…when Rockhopper used to visit randomly and not only parties and stuff like that…

  5. The fair is a traditional CP party they cant stop it now.The fair is one of the greatest parties ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you like it to Train. Also in the fair there are more items for non-members than the medvial party!

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