New My Penguin 1.2 Homescreen Sneak Peek

Several days ago I posted a My Penguin 1.2 sneak peek of the app’s main screen. Now Polo Field has updated his Twitter profile showing off a similar picture!¬†As mentioned in my post the other day, the app’s main screen, when loaded, is going to look much different in My Penguin 1.2 than it does in the current and past versions. There’s a whole new igloo background and interactive features such as igloos. Here’s the glimpse Polo Field is giving us:

Club Penguin My Penguin 1.2 Homescreen

The 1.2 update will be released Thursday, August 29th.

Thanks to Saraapril for pointing this out.

12 thoughts on “New My Penguin 1.2 Homescreen Sneak Peek

  1. Maybe we can waddle around the island! Look at the background, you can see a path to The Beach, Town, and Dock. So it’s like the PC version, the igloos in the app are also where the igloos are in the PC. And maybe this is where we see the unreleased room that was accidentally put in a book (I forgot).

  2. Hey Trainman have you noticed when you click on a puffle of yours you can see the walk your puffle icon is now on the top left corner instead of in the play section.

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