Heads Up: Rocketsnail’s New Mech Mice Game Starts Beta Testing July 9th!

Rocketsnail is a name familiar with many penguins. Rocketsnail, or Rsnail for short, is the main guy behind Club Penguin. In real life he’s known as Lance Priebe. He’s the founder of the game we all play and love. Without him this website wouldn’t exist and I probably wouldn’t be interested with computers and coding as much. Several years ago he stepped away from Club Penguin to work on a new game, Mech Mice. It is based upon his original game idea before he made Club Penguin, called Snow Blasters, a snowball fighting like game he had in mind that had a twist such as multiplayer capability with upgradeable snow launching weapons. Of course, with Mech Mice things are much different, but that’s the inspiration behind it. (hey, I love my history!)


Anyway, I have posted about Mech Mice once before here recently, showing off the cool making of video. While I do not plan to regularly blog about Mech Mice, I figured this would be an appropriate time to say that beta testing for the game starts July 9th – less than two weeks from now! The game isn’t finished and there’s bugs (that’s what a beta is) but if you’re interested in trying out the beta go to mechmice.com on July 9th. You can read more about the beta here. I will post about the game again when the beta is released and also when it’s officially launched, however outside of that I don’t have any other plans to blog about the game at this time.

31 thoughts on “Heads Up: Rocketsnail’s New Mech Mice Game Starts Beta Testing July 9th!

  1. I hope we get a special item,oh boy,it’s great to be a part of a new project! Also,Trainman1405,can you friend me on Mech Mice if it includes that?

  2. Train I just found out something shocking!!

    Spike Hike already got the scare games trophy how??

    Thats not fair btw you should make a post about it cos the CP team reads your posts so they’ll know its not fair

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