Loustik005 Activity Meetup This Wednesday! (May 15) (Now Over)

UPDATE: This meetup is now over!

From earlier:

Loustik005, the French blogger for Club Penguin, is having a meetup tomorrow, the 15th of May!

UPDATE: Details have been posted. It’s at 8:00 AM PST (11:00 AM EST, 4:00 PM in the UK, and 5:00 PM CET) on the server Jour de Neige.

Details are going to be announced on the 15th of May on the French Club Penguin Blog, too, so if you want to meet up with him and other penguin players then check the blog tomorrow! This post will be updated with the details once they’re posted…


Stay tuned for the group activity Loustik announces and what server and room it’s going to be at!

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  1. Before you making us know when was a update in the post adding to the title(update) and this time you didn’t do it,please still doing it. :)

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