On This Day In Club Penguin History – February 11

On the 11th of February all of the updates in Club Penguin history occurred in 2011. From new pins to new furniture, there was lots to check out.

In the igloo furniture catalogue there was one new igloo, the In Half Igloo. Members could purchase it for 2,300 coins. As you may have guessed, along with the igloo catalogue there was also a new furniture catalogue. It specialised in some new Puffle related items, as February’s theme was all about the furry little creatures. The third and final igloo related update was the igloo music. There were four new tracks. They were Brown Puffle Lab, Pre-historic Rock, Puffle Party, and Flipper Jig.

Item wise, Club Penguin released not one, but two new pins. The Blue Puffle Pin was hidden in the Ski Ldoge Attic and the Red Puffle Pin was hidden at the Hidden Lake.

Other minor updates included construction for the Puffle Party, a new TestBots level in System Defender and Test Bot Trio stamp to go along with it, a login screen advertising the Puffle Party, an EPF message from Dot telling the agents about the System Defender update, and finally Club Penguin sending out the Parent Update newsletter for that month.



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  1. Train, you made a grammar mistake. You put a EPF it’s supposed to be an EPF. Also, please post important Aunt Arctic meet-up times for me.

    P.S. Flipper Jig is my favorite igloo music! :D

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