Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Information

As first pointed out by Club Penguin Blogger Saraapril earlier today, the news section of Club Penguin’s page on Disney UK has been updated with a glimpse of what to expect at Club Penguin’s first ever Hollywood Party, which starts on the 14th of February and ends on the 26th. (really the 27th)

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The information reads:

Grab your friends and hit the red carpet at Club Penguin’s Hollywood Party! Starting on the “Penguin High 3” set, everyone can begin their quests to become directors – and members can be superstars! The “High Speed Getaway” stage opens Feb. 16 and member action-heroes will perform crazy stunts! Then, Feb. 17, on the set of “Return of the Space Squid,” members can be alien Sci-Fi stars! For both directors and member superstars, the Awards Show begins Feb. 21 and members will have the chance to earn awards! See you on set at the Hollywood Party at

To summarise what was said:

  • The high school movie is Penguin High 3 (High School Musical 3 anyone?) – this starts the day of the party, the 14th
  • The action movie is High Speed Getaway – this starts the 16th of February
  • The sci-fi movie is return of the Space Squid – this starts the 17th of February
  • On the 21st of February an Awards Show begins and members can earn awards

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  1. Awesome an award show!! I’m in a theatre class at my school and I love to act and I’ve also been in all of our school productions so far so this will be awesome for me!! Can’t wait to act in the movies!!!!!!!

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