Club Penguin Awards Show Released

Club Penguin has released their awards show at the Stage, as it is February 21st.

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Superstars! Come back to find out if you’ve won.

Bronze Awards: Feb. 21 – 22

Silver Awards: Feb. 23

Gold Awards: Feb 24 – 26

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You get randomly selected for awards and your penguin is moved to the stage platform.

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The categories are:

Best dance moves
Best dressed
Best hair
Best student
Best stunt driver
Best action scene
Best crash landing
Best space flight
Best waddle goes to
Best leading performer
Best supporting actor

When you win the item is automatically added to your inventory.

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You also automatically wear it.

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Don’t forget to get your gifts!

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33 thoughts on “Club Penguin Awards Show Released

  1. Trainman!!!!
    *Runs down the hall screaming* I know how to play cp on a mobile device!!! Get the Puffin Browser app! It doesn’t matter if it is the free version or not! It supports Flash so that’s how u play it!

  2. I was hoping they’d bring back the Penguin Play Awards music, as it’s one of my favorite music tracks :)
    Btw I won “Best Waddle”. I won because it said “Best Waddle goes to…” so I waddled at the last second lol.

  3. Ok 5 min. ago I went strat to the stage and when i got in i got the trofe for best dressed I was like i really do have the best fashion tips so just ask me if that is the trofe you want to get or go to my igloo everyone is aloud in my penguin name is annmarie0802

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