January 12, 2013 Spike Saturday Starts Now! (Now Over)

UPDATE: After a little under a half hour, this week’s Spike Saturday is now over.

It’s Saturday and like usual Spike Hike is currently on the server Fog hanging out with everyone for Spike Saturday! Check his Twitter for his latest location.

Have fun!

9 thoughts on “January 12, 2013 Spike Saturday Starts Now! (Now Over)

  1. Train: I have an idea. You know how you have mascot trackers on your site: you should make ‘CP Workers’ trackers. (although give it a better and shorter name XD) I bet that TONS of penguins would add them to their sites, and that would rank up your popularity! Or even better, have a ‘Moose Monday’ tracker, a ‘Field Friday’ tracker and a ‘Spike Saturday’ tracker :) Like it?

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